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The long awaited sequel to Daughter of Magic is finally here. I can't wait for you guys to read it. 

Here's what it's about: 

Lilli never imagined that a place like the Wilds—where magic and witches, shapeshifters and demons exist—could be real. 

She also never dreamed she’d fall in love, or find the happiness and peace she’s yearned for since she was a child. Now that she has, the only thing standing in her way is her own father. Zoran is on a quest to overtake their magical realm, but he wants his wife and daughter at his side. With Zoran's dark powers growing, Lilli must find a way to quietly outwit him—turning her back on the man she loves in the process—before her father destroys the people, home and happiness that she refuses to give up without a fight.

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